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Welcome to Heli-av8er Software support.  For any questions comments or concerns please email me with the link to the right.

Also, if you have any request or feedback that will help improve current apps or produce useful future apps please email me.

Thanks for visiting and I will post information about future apps here.



Hour Difference Calculator - Apple has just approved update 2.20.  Check out the Hour Difference Calculator for info.


Hour Difference Calculator has been upgraded to version 2.0.  The paid version upgrade is in the works and should be available on the app store in the first half of November.  Version 2.0 is a major rewrite!  Many small glitches have been resolved and some additional features have been added.  There is now a very unique time picker wheel interface that works very well.  I am planning on implementing this interface into may future apps.

I have added individual support pages for the all of my apps - you should see the pages at the top.  If a question isn’t answered on any of these pages please contact me and I will address the problem.

Aviation Fuel Converter has been approved.  I am very happy with this latest app and hope that pilots around the world use it.

Hour Difference Calculator has been approved, both a free version with adds and a paid version without.  So far there have been quite a few downloads of the free version - thank you.

An update was approved for the Date Difference Calculator Free version, which changes the user interface slightly and corrects a small glitch.

I have also received some feedback about apps with ad banners, so I have created a paid version of the Date Difference Calculator that is Ad free -   thanks all for the feedback.  The price is set at .99

Date Difference Calculator was accepted to the iTunes App store on February 24, 2012.  This is my first app!  I am very pleased.  I look forward to any feedback that anyone may have.  Please feel free to email me with comments or request.  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/date-difference-calculator/id503757440?mt=8


I have a couple of apps in the works; when I am closer to releasing them I will post info here.


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